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Do More Good - Event Campaign

Do More Good is a national conference held in Lincoln, NE. For my design and layout class, we were given the opportunity to chat with the founder of Do More Good and discuss an event campaign to promote the event. Do More Good is an organization that helps elevate non-profit organization’s higher causes to capture and support for their mission.

The founder asked us to create a campaign that's targeted towards college students. I created a poster that would be distributed around college campuses in Lincoln and a 'hype' video to educate students about the conference.


Overall, I created deliverables that helps promote the campaign, circulate excitement about the conference, and educate students who have never heard of Do More Good. As for design elements, I chose to stick with their current primary purple and decided to add in a few more of my own colors to brighten up the brand. The design on both deliverables are cohesive to help create a brand identity their target market could recognize across multiple platforms. 

Do More Good Poster
Do More Good Video
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