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Jacht Ad Agency

Recruitment Campaign + Brand Guide

As the Graphic Design lead for Jacht, I handled all design projects for Jacht's internal  relations. The projects included designed pieces for their recruitment campaign and final presentation, t-shirts for the whole team, and social media graphics when needed.

For this recruitment campaign, I created a recruitment poster that was distributed across campus, postcards that were handed out at each college and I re-purposed the poster into digital signage that was digitally displayed around campus. I also designed t-shirts that were given to our team to promote Jacht outside of the campaign. 

For the recruitment deliverables, the copy team wanted me to focus the poster around our team members and have the design reflect our fun, yet professional work environment. Each design deliverable for the campaign is consistent with Jacht's nautical theme and I created a custom background pattern that has been re-used on their social media. 


Jacht Recruiment campaign
Jacht postcard
Jacht tshirt
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