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Malone Center - T-shirt Design

The Malone Center is a nonprofit organization in Lincoln, Nebraska that supports low income families through education and facilitated programs. They have been a voice for the youth and Black community in Lincoln for over 50 years. 

The Malone Center reached out to me because they were looking for a designer who could design t-shirts with a quick turnaround time. Since The Black Lives Matter movement was gaining traction, The Malone Center wanted to quickly produce t-shirts as a fundraising effort. All the proceeds went directly towards supporting their programs, Lincoln’s community and families.


I was given the amazing opportunity to design three t-shirts with the quote "It's Time to Work" in each design. The quote is referencing a powerful speech their founder, John Goodwin, gave urging our community to continue taking action in order to make a change. 

Malone Center tshirt 1
Malone center tshirt 2
Malone Center shirt 3
It's Time to Work graphic
It's Time to Work graphic 2
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