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Morrill Hall Kids Game - Illustration

In my Graphic Design III class, we created children games for The Nebraska State Museum on campus - also known as Morrill Hall. For my portion of the project, I designed a modern, minimalist matching game to educate children on parasites and their host animals. 

I designed this deck for kids ages 8+ with the idea that it would be a downloadable offer on Morrill Hall's website for teachers and parents to print at home. There are 10 uniquely shaped animal cards that match with 10 parasite cards to learn which parasite commonly infects each animal. Each card has little hints and subtle clues to find its matching pair. 

Each animal was designed in Illustrator, while the parasites were hand drawn in ProCreate. This kids game puts a fun, educational twist on Parasitology and would stand out against most boring school worksheets children normally learn from. 

Kids parasite matching game
Kids parasite matching game
 Parasite matching game
Matching cards
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