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PaperSpecs - Website Mockup

PaperSpecs is one of our clients at Simple Strat that provides print tools and resources for graphic designers. PaperSpecs offers a membership where creatives can join their community to get exclusive access to special swatchbooks, printing guides and educational content from experts. One of their marketing initiatives was to redesign their sales page in order to successfully promote their PRO Membership to current and potential users.


I worked closely with our account coordinator to align their goals with my website design. In order to bring more clarity to what a PRO membership offered, we created an informational and easy to navigate sales webpage that guides users through the features and benefits of a membership. One of our main focuses was to educate the user by showcasing pricing options, testimonials from fellow creatives, and an option to start a free trial.  


Along with the website design, I created a pop-up CTA that was used on their website to convert leads for the membership sales page. The website design I created was a mockup in Photoshop which was then passed on to their internal web developer to implement. 

PaperSpecs CTA
PaperSpecs Salespage
PaperSpecs Sales Page
PaperSpecs full webpage
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