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Plantpanion - App Design

Plantpanion is a prototype app I designed and created in Adobe XD. I created Plantpanion as a resource for struggling plant parents (like me) who need some extra guidance! Plantpanion can help you identify what kind of plant you own, learn information about specific plant care, send you watering reminders, and more. 

When concepting my ideas and wireframes for Plantpanion, I knew I wanted the app to be multi-functional and customizable to fit any plant owner. At the beginning of the app, the user is guided through customizable settings that helps the app configure the best needs for your plants. The design of Plantpanion is charming, functional and minimal to cater to their target audience. Along with plant identification and plant care tips, there is also a community section that allows users to connect and message other plant parents near them. 

I encourage you to watch the videos below that showcases the functionality of Plantpanion and takes you through the app as a first person user. 

Plantpanion care screen
Plantpanion Community
Plantpanion splash screen
Plantpanion garden
Plantpanion skill screen
Plantpanion profile
Plantpanion reminder
Plantpanion search screen
Plantpanion logos
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